We have included automatic upgrades for all Pro themes, but before you can take advantage of this one-click upgrade facility you must first activate your license.

First, make sure you download, install and activate your Pro version of your theme.

For example, if you upgraded from Sporty to Sporty Pro; download, install and activate Sporty Pro to your WordPress install.

  1. Select and activate Your Pro Theme from the themes screen.
  2. Navigate to Appearance -> Theme Licence
    • For Food Express Pro Navigate to Tools -> Food Express Pro License
  3. Paste in your licence key in the the field provided and Save changes
  4. Click Activate Licence Button
  5. Once activated you should see the licence details

Your theme licence will now be activated and you will receive notices of any theme updates in the WordPress Admin panel.

13 thoughts on “Activate your pro theme licence

  1. Hi,
    I do not have the ” Theme License” option when I navigate to “Appearance”. I still see “Pro Features” as if I never purchased the Pro theme plugin. Am I missing something?

  2. Hi AJ,

    Sorry, yeah we changed the location for our latest theme. We will update this text ASAP.


  3. I have the free sporty theme and just paid for the pro version and cant seem to find were to activate it, do I need to download the pro version to activate it…

  4. Ok I got it this info on this page needs updated here’s what i did, If you are using the free theme “sporty” it DOESN’T show the “theme License” tab under “Appearance”..once I purchased the them I got an email with my key I clicked the link for “sportyPRO” downloaded to my computer then uploaded it to my Worpress and now I can activate it…

  5. HI Jon & Dave,

    We will update this page information today.

    Thanks for the update and suggestions.


  6. Hey Guys,

    I have DiscoveryPro V2.3.1 installed on a site. I renewed my license for it on June 28. Just got around to attempting to upgrade it on the site with no luck. My license code hasn’t changed (I double-checked). When I try to upgrade, it gives me a “Update Failed: Download failed. Unauthorized” error. When I check the Appearance->Theme License page, it says the site is inactive.

    Why is my valid license not being recognized?

  7. I just purchased the Reznor theme and the files downloaded as “Extra-Files.zip” and wordpress is telling me that its not a theme…

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