In a recent study, it was revealed that more than 50% of online visitors spend less than 15 seconds on every website. This shows how limited the attention span of people online is. Therefore you need to make your site stand out and build it in a way that it’s responsive and user-friendly. You’ll need to focus equally on your web application development as well as on increasing your online presence. Without this, you probably won’t get much online traffic, which is, of course, bad for business. 

The days that only a professional web developer can create a stunning website are – luckily – long behind us. Even someone with zero experience should be able to build a stunning website these days. A site that looks unique and is user-friendly can hugely affect your online sales so it’s worth investing some time in it. 

But of course, with over a billion sites available online, a lot of businesses find it hard to stand out and make their site look appealing and unique. Our seven tips below will help to make your site stand out and generate more traffic to your online business. 

Search engine rankings 
Firstly, you should aim to make your website listed at the top of different search engines. The more your site appears on different search results, the higher the chances are for potential customers to visit your site and buy your goods or services. One way of reaching this goal is by posting online articles with effective keywords. Similarly, writing engaging and interesting content will help you to retain your visitors and build a recurring community.

A Good SEO score will help attract people to your website

Layout and Design 
Of course, the first thing that’ll make an impression, even before people start reading your content, is your site’s design. Therefore, you need to invest at least an equal amount of time into your site’s layout. If your site is poorly designed, you will lose potential customers no matter how great your content is. 

You must combine your fresh design with good user experience. As we said at the beginning of the article, people’s attention span is short, so you don’t want them to waste time searching for items that are hard to find due to a bad layout. 

Luckily, our themes already take care of all of this for you. This way, you can put your focus internally on creating engaging content for your audience. 

Customization per niche
As said before, standing out online is key, so don’t just blindly copy a competitor’s layout. It’s very important to make a website your own and our themes leave you with enough customization options to do just that! We also encourage you to use videos and images that are attractive and unique to stand out even more. 

When adding pictures of your goods or services, don’t forget to add the product features and a clear description, especially if you run an e-commerce site. Make sure the details given are 100% accurate and relevant. A combination of engaging visual content and clear product description will avoid users with a low attention span to leave your site. 

Maintain clarity
Some sites are so poorly designed that it makes it hard for visitors to navigate it. More often than not, people prefer to leave such websites instead of investing their precious time in finding their way around all the pages. Therefore it’s important not to trick or confuse your audience with false and misleading content. Make it clear what you are offering them and why they should consider buying your products. 

Other information such as your contact details, address, and business hours help to gain their confidence.

Keep your site updated and relevant
If your content is outdated, it’s better to remove it as soon as possible. If for example a product isn’t available anymore and won’t come back in stock, there’s no reason for you to keep promoting it and confusing your customers.  

Too much content can cause your site to load slowly which will also result in losing customers. The average attention span of online users varies between 3 to 8 seconds and if your site takes any longer than this to load, people are most likely to browse away and look for a different solution. 

In this article we describe how choosing the right hosting service can affect your website’s loading times.

Make your site responsive with a powerful UI 
You need to make your site responsive with a powerful UI. Today, a large number of online users surf the net through their smartphones and tablets. Therefore, you need to make sure that your site looks good on different screen resolutions. All our themes offer an out of the box responsive layout which makes sure that your website looks great on every device possible!

Choose a snappy and catchy domain name
A powerful domain name is also crucial to make your site stand out. If your domain name is catchy and unique, then it can tempt people in clicking on to your site. However, your domain name should match with the types of goods or services you offer. Don’t make it too long either as this will make it more complicated for users to remember. 

About the author: Ashlie Lopez is an experienced writer. She began her writing career with Techvando and developed a passion for helping people with all aspects of online marketing flows. She’s a true writer by day and reader by night!

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