Want to keep your WordPress website safe and secure? Having a security tool is essential for your site, especially if you’re running a business online. And here’s why:
  • The average website is attacked at least 44 times every day, hurting online businesses.
  • Private online data from your business and customers could fall into the hands of online criminals.
  • Hackers may delete your website content.
  • Malware may ruin your brand and SEO rankings.
  • Fixing your hacked WordPress site may seem complicated and costly.

So, how can you protect your site from online threats?

In this article, we’ll explore seven of the best plugins that you can use for your WordPress site. 

1. iThemes Security
Formerly known as Better WP Security, iThemes is one great way to get that added protection for your website. 

“iThemes offers over 30 security-measure options to prevent hackers from infiltrating your site,” says Dylan De La Rue, a tech writer at Boomessays.com and Australianhelp.com. “It makes sure that your current plugins aren’t vulnerable; it recognizes obsolete software; and encourages you to use strong passwords. While the pro version costs $80 annually, it offers more protection.”

Here are some features that iThemes has:
  • File change detection
  • Google reCAPTCHA integrated logins
  • Updates your authentication keys
  • “Away Mode” – when you haven’t updated your site in a while
  • 404 detection
2. Sucuri
Sucuri is wildly popular for a number of reasons:
  • Clean-ups at no extra costs
  • Outstanding firewall protection
  • Scans for malware
  • Effective security hardening
  • Keeps track of everything that happens on your site 
    • File changes
    • Last logins (failed or successful)
  • Reduces server load time and improves site performance by blocking malicious traffic
  • Serves static content from their own CDN servers
  • Offers additional protection against SQL Injections, XSS, etc.

Sucuri offers both a free and a premium version; however, the pro (at $299 a year) is the most popular and trusted version. 

3. Wordfence
Wordfence offers a wide range of security tools that will protect your WordPress site:
  • Web Application Firewall (updated in real-time)
  • IP blacklist
  • Scan for malware that’s been integrated into plugins and themes
  • Security checks on integrated eCommerce tools
  • Login security: two-step authentication and remote authentication
  • Safeguards your data

4. Anti-Malware Security
A WordPress anti-malware and security plugin, Anti-Malware Security does the following:
  • Scans for malware on all files and folders on your site
  • Active definitions of malware – a list of what is considered harmful to your site 

To access the latest definition, you must create an account on the plugin’s website.

5. WP fail2ban
Although this plugin delivers non-stop protection, it takes a different approach. In fact, WP fail2ban looks at logins and their history. Here are the reasons why this plugin is that significant:
  • Documents all login attempts (regardless of nature or success), using LOG_AUTH
    • Spam
    • Pingbacks
    • User enumeration
  • Enable either soft or hard bans with short codes
  • Easy to install 
  • CloudFlare and proxy-server integration
  • Monitor comments for spam or malware

6. Jetpack
Another all-in-one solution for WordPress protection plugins, Jetpack’s mission is to scan your website for any security vulnerabilities, and here’s how:
  • Sends email alerts when it detects that your WordPress site is down
  • Offers protection against login attacks, spam, and harmful malware
  • Site backups and 1-click restore
  • Website design features
  • Automated marketing tools and comment filtering
  • Organized site activity and events dashboard
  • Provides secure authentication via WordPress accounts
  • Keeps your WordPress plugins automatically updated

The pro version has more features, and starts at $9 a month.

7. Plugin Security Scanner
“A top-rated WordPress security scan plugin to date, Plugin Security Scanner scans any plugins and themes for any security risks like viruses and ransomware,” says Naomi Spencer, a web developer at Paperfellows.com and Stateofwriting.com.

Plugin Security Scanner also comes with the following features:
  • Can be easily paired with more comprehensive security plugins on your page, adding that extra layer of protection
  • May require a commercial license from WPScan (if you have an eCommerce page); or you can use Security Ninja Pro, which offers different subscription packages, and already comes with a license 

Protecting your website should be your number one priority, when running a WordPress website. Instead of leaving your site to chance, consider one of these seven security plugins, and learn from their approaches, so that you can safely earn revenue, and your customers and users can have a safe experience online.

Beatrix Potter is a writer at Assignment Writer and Professional essay writers services. She is also an editor at Business Essay. As a writer, Beatrix specializes in everything WordPress – the navigational parts, the business side of it, and its latest news.

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