WordPress is considered to be one of the most sought-after systems that manage content. It is highly preferred by possessors of blogs and sites due to its simplicity and ability to come up with extraordinary content for the users. Plugins on the system are another feature that increases its popularity due to the efficiency the system produces when building content. There exists a large number of WordPress plugins that can be utilized to develop killer content. However, there arises a challenge when it comes to selecting one that will serve a specific purpose of the users’ interest. The article will discuss some WordPress plugins that one can use to create killer content.

Ninja Tables
This plugin is conversant with website owners who create tables on the platforms. Creating a table and customizing it to meet the intended need can be very tasking. Large tables with plenty of data are known to slow down a website due to a large amount of data it may possess. Additionally, writing codes to produce tables is a very demanding task that can consume too much time. However, Ninja Tables resolves this problem because it contains features such as an unlimited color scheme where a user can create a table with a range of different colors, table range which consists of different types of tables which include data, pricing, and member list tables. Additionally, features such as real-time visual changes allow the user to make changes to the table which is visible while editing.

Edit Flow
“Creating a fluent link with one’s editing team is very fundamental when coming up with,” says Jeff Blake, Head of Content Writing at ConfidentWriters and SolidEssay. Edit Flow ensures the owner of the content is close to the work being done by creating a link where the owner can view what is happening and make real-time changes where necessary. Some of the features in the plugin include a content overview on a monthly basis, creation of user groups; analysis of an upcoming budget, timely notifications about the content one has an interest in, and discrete discussions through a thread of comments via the admin portal.

This plugin aids users in designing their content with the use of amazing images without the need to panic about patents. The plugin simply edits an image to create a product that the user wants from the start with an addition of various templates and illustrations which lead to an authentic masterpiece. After completion, the image can be easily transferred to be used with other content. Some of the distinct aspects from the plugin include: filters for images which create an image of the right color and complexion depending on the needs of the user, and stock of photographs from which a user can select a photograph of their choice. There is also an addition of design tools that drag-and-drop, and settings that place the image according to the brightness, saturation, and vignette the user would require.

WP Fluent Forms
This plugin is used to create drag-and-drop forms such as subscription forms, admission forms, proposal forms, etc. it generally comes up with forms in which users can use with ease and are response. It consists of features such as protection from spam with the use of Google ReCaptcha, a lay-out form with multi-columns, messages for conditional confirmation, and notifications in case there is an entry made on the forms.

PrePost SEO
This plugin helps the user to strengthen their SEO rankings before they can publish a post on the internet. “There is usually no need in creating killer content if it cannot be found on the internet,” notes Alexander Woods, Content Marketing Director at Paper-Research and BeeStudent.

The plugin reviews the website of the user to identify any weaknesses or irregularities that may hart the SEO of a website. The plugin can also give various suggestions regarding how a user can improve the SEO of their website or posts on the internet. Some of the features in the plugin include checking SEO ranking, checks in grammar and spelling. Additionally, other features include detecting plagiarized or copied content, calculation of keyword density, identifying any links that are broken in a post, and counting of links and analyzing their status of do-follow and no-follow.

In conclusion, WordPress plugins are a very important tool in creating killer content online. Users can use these tools to create unique online content that is catching to the eye and easily traceable on the internet. The amazing content that is created by the plugins generates online traffic to a post which ensures the content of the user reaches the target audience.

About the author: Paul Bates writes for Data Researchers Network, EssayTask and SwiftPapers sharing his insights with the audience. He also works as an editor at PaperAdepts.com

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