Freelancing is amazing because it gives you the freedom to organize your days however you want. However, as a solopreneur, you often have days that are full to the brim with mile-high to-do lists. Many freelancers’ attention is usually divided between sending pitches to potential clients, completing tasks, and so much more. 

With so much on your plate, you’ve probably neglected your WordPress, or put off starting one altogether. 

You are not alone on this because, for many freelance writers, clients’ projects usually come first. But don’t use this as an excuse not to pump out new content on your own blog. Even though managing a blog alongside all these tasks might be challenging, it’s not impossible. 

You need a WordPress blog because it comes in handy in helping you promote your freelance business. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much owning a personal blog can do for you. 

Here are five reasons why you need to get back to posting on your blog regularly.

  1. Owning a Website helps you Build Credibility 
    Since there are so many freelance writers out there, owning a WordPress blog sets you apart as a credible writer. While others will struggle to get their pitches ahead, your blog will help potential clients assess your writing skills. 

Without a website, it gets quite hard for you to prove to clients that you can deliver on different projects. If you want to land high-quality jobs, you need to prove that you are better than most writers in the industry. 

With a personal blog, you’ll be in a position to grab opportunities that come your way because your work will speak for itself. It also shows potential clients that you’re serious about what you’re doing. In fact, you can easily convert your audience to clients, as well as encourage high-paying clients to choose you over other writers. 

Credibility inspires trust and this is the best way to start all your work relationships. Every client wants to work with a motivated, self-driven and responsible freelance writer. 

  1. A WordPress Website is a Bonus Portfolio 
    Every freelancer needs a portfolio to prove to potential clients that they’ve got what it takes to complete a project. That is why freelance writers spend time curating perfect samples to show in case a new client needs proof of skill. 

When you own a personal blog, it acts as an extension of your portfolio. It is a bonus portfolio that doesn’t require you to be selective in what you showcase. WordPress websites are essentially free advertising because they put your work out there with no charges attached. 

For this to work, you need to ensure that you only post relevant content on your site. Remember that quality will always override quantity when it comes to personal blogging. Take your time to curate creative and timely articles within your niche. 

Choose a field that you’re passionate about and create articles that your target audience would be interested in. Your blog can be related to your writing niche, or you can choose to veer off as long as it’s something you’re passionate about.

Even though quality overrides quantity, try to post consistently to keep your audience hooked. You need to treat your blog as you would a client. Prioritize it as much as you do with clients’ projects. Work with a schedule to ensure too much time doesn’t go by before you put a blog up. 

  1. Blogging teaches you new Skills
    The more you write, the better you get at your craft because as they say; practice makes perfect. This is actually one of the main reasons why you should keep a personal blog. 

A personal blog gives you a platform to flex your creative muscles. Besides, you get to write about things you’re truly passionate about. Many people have found their true writing voices through their personal blogs. 

  1. A WordPress Website will help increase your Google Rankings Everybody wants to rank high on Google’s search result pages. As a freelance writer, you can achieve this simply by keeping an authoritative personal blog. When you rank high as a solopreneur, this is a great advantage because potential clients can easily find you. 

The more you write on the blog, the more likely Google will position your website as an ideal answer to different search queries. Make sure that you put out content with SEO in mind to show up on the first page of search engine result pages. 

  1. A Website will Attract High-paying Clients 
    At the end of the day, you want to work with high-paying clients. Having a blog guarantees this because when you maintain a stellar website, many potential clients will want a piece of that. As a sort after freelance writer, you get to set the payment terms with each client you work with. 

This will also mean that you can say goodbye to always pitching for new gigs. Rather than looking for new clients, individuals who see your potential will seek you out. The website will help clients get the feel of your writing style and decide if you’re the best fit for their projects. 

Many freelance writers assume that it’s not necessary to own a personal blog, and the few that do, hardly create content on a regular basis. Blogging is necessary for all freelance writers because it helps you flex your creativity muscles. A WordPress blog also helps you rank on Google so that potential clients have an easy time finding you. 

About the author: Rosie Dunn is a freelance writer who has been working with do homework for me for the past five years. She is a professional writer who has perfected the art of delivering high-quality papers. Her experience in different disciplined makes hers suitable for almost all academic assignments. 

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