Are you a web content writer looking for a writing structure to help you write better? Do you sometimes find yourself writing many nonessentials at the top of your article and having to rewrite it to accommodate important information? If you struggle with a structure in your writing, then it’s time to try the inverted pyramid structure. 

What is an inverted pyramid structure for writing content?
The inverted pyramid is a traditional writing structure that many big web content sites use to pass information across to their readers. The inverted pyramid’s primary focus is to put essential information at the beginning of the article, and minute details come after. 

With the inverted pyramid, you tell your readers why they need to keep reading right from the start, so they stay committed to your web content. 

It’s called an inverted pyramid because it reverses the structure of a regular writing piece. With a standard writing piece, the conclusion would come at the end of the article, but the summing-up comes first with an inverted pyramid. Now, while not everyone can immediately master the inverted pyramid structure, there are a ton of professional writers on Best Writers Online that are experts on this form of writing.

Structure of an inverted pyramid

  • The lead: This bit explains the what, where, when, how, and who of your web content. Your goal in this segment of your pyramid should be to paint a sharp picture of the story your audience is about to read. The tip here is to include the critical piece of information that your audience ate about to devour. 
  • The body: In this segment, you should be building on the conclusion you left in your lead. Go in on the details. Infuse quotes if you have to. The body is your main story. 
  • The tail: This is the final segment of your writing content. If you can get your readers to this segment, then you have succeeded in committing your readers. You should provide information on where your readers can go to get more information on your content. 

How to use an inverted pyramid structure in your web content writing
While an inverted pyramid structure isn’t the standard writing structure taught in schools, it can be easy to master by constant practice. 

First, start by writing a summary paragraph on the main points of your web content. This is the lead paragraph. 

Next, include the details and research that support your summary points in this part. This paragraph should build on the main points you touched on earlier. 

Try to touch on just one point in each paragraph, and when you do that, try to load the below listed structural elements with the main points of your article:

  • The body of the article
  • he various paragraphs
  • The headings and subheadings
  • The article headings
  • The sections and sub-sections

The benefits of an inverted pyramid structure

  • It helps capture a reader’s attention. An inverted pyramid structure captures your readers’ attention with the main points in your first paragraph. 
  • It can help you decrease your interaction cost. While the interaction cost(and commitment level) of novels are high, web content is entirely different. Your audience is impatient and looking for a reason to keep on reading. Using the inverted pyramid structure gives them that reason. It reduces your interaction cost and therefore increases your readers’ engagement with your web content. 
  • The inverted pyramid encourages readers to scroll. By introducing the main points to your article’s beginning, you draw your readers’ attention to scroll for more details. 
  • It helps your web content’s keyword prominence. The keyword prominence is the measure of how prominent your keywords ate within the main elements of your web content. This includes your heading and title tags, your body text, and your meta descriptions. You can measure keyword prominence by the distance between your first sentence’s start when your keyword is first mentioned. Because the inverted pyramid structure adds the main points to the front of the article, the chances of you placing keywords in the first paragraph of your content that the regular structure of writing. This helps it easy for Google to rank you.
  • An inverted pyramid structure can help improve your readers’ comprehension of your article. Because you add your article’s main points at the beginning of your content, you help them understand your content. 
  • It improves the skim-ability of your article. The majority of readers skim through an article before deciding to read it. When your most prominent points are on top, you help readers who skim. For one, your first paragraph contains the main points of the article. Then, you add a crucial point to each section. 

To create content for web with an inverted pyramid has a ton of benefits, and this article has successfully covered the most important ones. However, just to recap, when using this kind of structure in your writing, you should;

  • Put your key points at the beginning of the article
  • Put your main points in the first paragraph of each section. 
  • Infuse your critical points in the first sentence of each paragraph. 

The inverted pyramid writing structure will make it easy to create content for web that draws your audience in and keeps them committed to your content. However, if the point of your web content is to create suspense or arouse curiosity, then explore other writing structures.

Tiffany Porter has been working as a Chief Writer at Online Writers Rating reviewing variety of writing services websites. She is a professional writing expert on such topics as digital marketing, blogging, design.  She also likes traveling and speaks German and French.

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