If there are two platforms that are perfect for each other, they would be WordPress and Salesforce. Through WordPress and Salesforce integration, lead generation would become a walk in the park. 

Visitors to a WordPress site provide information when they register for something or sign up. This is where CRM comes into place. It collects information from your customers and stores it in one place to ensure that everything is organized.

Although there are other CRMs that are just as good as Salesforce, it has become the most popular option in recent times. To provide potential and existing customers with a better and more personalized experience, it makes sense to integrate WordPress and Salesforce. 

To help you integrate the two platforms, we have prepared this amazing post. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get right into it.

What Is Salesforce?
Salesforce is the most popular platform that is used in B2B marketing environments. It started as a simple CRM system and has come a long way since. It has evolved with time and has become a huge cloud network that offers a ton of features for marketing, sales, and analytics.  

If you are a Business Consultant Houston Tx, you are going to benefit tremendously from the platform.

Why Should You Integrate WordPress and Salesforce?
WordPress is considered to be the best content management system, whereas, Salesforce is the best customer relationship management platform; this makes it incredibly for businesses to integrate the two.  

A great CRM implementation will allow you to achieve a single customer view, which is a dream for every marketer. The best thing is that all of the interactions will be stored in a centralized location, including customer activity and touchpoints.  

Through the integration of WordPress with Salesforce, you get to store all of your website activity in one place. This would allow you to make better and more informed decisions as you will get to utilize the valuable insight gathered. 

This will help improve the website experience for all your visitors. Thus, you will get to provide a personalized experience to your target audience and tailor content to ensure that they find it appealing. Besides, you would finally be able to add web-to-lead forms to the site. 

Since Salesforce is known for its incredible API, you can connect to it for custom integrations. It is common to use CRM tools such as Salesforce with marketing automation platforms like Hub Spot for initial lead conversion. Once the lead passes a set quality score, Salesforce will handle the rest.  

What Should You Consider When Integrating WordPress and Salesforce?
When it comes to WordPress and Salesforce implementation, you have a lot to think about. There are a few things that need to be considered when integrating WordPress and Salesforce. These are mentioned below. 

1. Integration through Apps
We live in a time where there are apps for just about everything. When integrating WordPress and Salesforce, third-party apps have become the go-to option. It is a good idea to use such apps for implementing certain features. 

For instance, if you want to run an email marketing campaign and hope to link the emails with the platform, you can use Mail Chimp. It is a popular tool designed for email marketing. You can use it to create a simple sign-up form to fetch details from customers and send emails to them with minimal effort.

Mail Chimp offers the option for Salesforce integration. Thus, you get to import all Salesforce contacts to access data on the go. Be prepared to invest a bit of money into such apps. However, they are very user-friendly and cost-effective.

Another popular app that you can use for WordPress to Salesforce integration is Zapier. It lets you seamlessly integrate the two platforms. Zapier is truly a magical third-party app that encourages you to try out all your options. 

2. Robust Form Builders
When it comes to mapping out form fields, advanced form builders come in handy. They help do all the heavy-lifting so that you can enjoy the best experience. Keep in mind that these tools can be somewhat costly. However, they offer a ton of features.

Robust form builders do all the complicated work, such as pre-filling forms. To make the most of these tools, knowledge of advanced Salesforce or excellent coding skills are a must. 

An amazing tool that does not require coding skills is Form Stack. You can use it to create mobile-friendly forms and surveys. A great thing about Form Stack is that it is a native Salesforce form builder. Its drag-and-drop design allows you to design forms in no time.

In addition to Form Stack, you can also check out Gravity Forms. It utilizes tools for helping you connect the platforms. Other notable form builders include Mule Soft and Snap Logic. They provide platforms for connecting both WordPress and Salesforce. However, advanced knowledge is required.  

3. Custom Integrations
Custom integrations are crucial for meeting complex requirements. To develop custom-built forms, you need a complex solution. By developing custom-built forms, you get to ensure that payment details are updated by customers, and a searchable database is created.   

To craft the perfect solution, development skills, and API knowledge are essential. This is why you would need an expert for help. 

Now, hiring someone might seem expensive, but at least you would not have to deal with licensing costs. Besides, you would benefit from greater control over the forms.

Custom integrations are the best option if your budget permits it. They provide you with endless opportunities.

4. Plugins
Another option for WordPress and Salesforce integration is plugins. You can try out the Web to Lead Salesforce plugin offered by WordPress to connect the two platforms. It is extremely easy to use. However, you should keep in mind that it offers simple form integration.

As the plugin is easy to understand, it does not require any prior knowledge. This means that you would benefit from stress-free integration. You can download the plugin for free as it is available on WordPress. Since it is free, there are some functionality limits. This is why it is more suitable for small enterprises.  

To learn more about plugins which offer WordPress and Salesforce connection, you should read this amazing post on various plugins. 

How Can You Choose an Integration Which Works?
By integrating WordPress with Salesforce, you will benefit from better lead generation. But, your budget and requirements will influence the integration plugin you use. This is why it makes sense to start with a simple and easy to use form builder.

As you learn to figure things out, you can test other integration plugins and third-party apps. However, if you do not find such an option flexible enough, a customizable plugin or an advanced app is the way to go.  

Easily Integrate WordPress and Salesforce 
Take your business to the next level with WordPress and Salesforce. They can be integrated into a number of ways. We have covered everything that needs to be considered when merging the two platforms. 

Once you have read our post, you should have no trouble integrating WordPress and Salesforce. Let us know how the integration goes. 

About the author: Myrah Abrar is a computer science graduate with a passion for web development and digital marketing. She writes blog articles for ApCelero.

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  1. It’s top list about WordPress. I liked it. I’m a beginner digital marketer and have my own site about healthy lifestyle and it was very interesting to read your article, because my site works on WordPress.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. WordPress and Salesforce have seemingly become more associated with each other and it’s easy to see why. Between content creation and lead nurturing efforts, it’s easy to see why these programs work well together.

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