Have you ever thought about that…? Why does your blog still have very few user visits, even though you post quality written content? Anyway, the solution is very simple -dull Images or no images at all. The hidden mantra that draws many visitors is to post eye-catching photos along with strong textual content. 

Images also play a pivotal role in keeping a blog a success. Along with great content, high-quality photos will turn a regular blog into a luxury blog. Featured photos are a must-have part of every blog these days because they draw visitors first, and then the quality of the content keeps them interested. Picking the best image for your blog article can be complicated and time-consuming at times; the picture you chose needs to make sense and complement the content beautifully. The picture should also be of great quality and free of cost. 

Thankfully, there is a range of useful Best Image Search WordPress Plugins and online tools. These plugins will help save a huge amount of time when making your news articles, and you’ll be able to do a photo search right from the browser without leaving your web. We have compiled a list of some of the best online tools right here for you.  

Best Online Tools and Plugins to Use to Find Images
Helping to keep your blog intriguing is not restricted to composing quality content, you also need to entice viewers with eye-catching images that come with every blog post. These photos often referred to as featured images, can catch one’s attention and engage them to read the article. Let’s look at some of the image search tools which enables you to do exactly that: 

  1. SmallSEOTools 

Reverse Image Search by Smallseotools.com is an online tool that works amazingly as an image finder to search for similar and duplicates photos. They are specialists in the field of computer vision, pattern recognition, and reverse image search. This Image Search tool is simple to use, accurate, and can be searched online for just about any image. All it takes is for you to upload a file, and their advanced algorithm will automatically return the best-matched photos and comprehensive details about that picture from the Google, Bing, and Yandex databases. 

It’s a great tool to know all about an image such as the origin, file type, and size plus the resolution and quality of the image. Click this link will directly get you to this photo search tool that has a very easy-to-use interface and quickly returns with results.  

  1. Image Inject 

Image Inject, which used to be known as WP Inject, is a very helpful WordPress image search plugin that should enable you to locate photos from thousands of free popular images with any keyword relevant to your blog article. The method is incredibly simple, and you’ll be able to add an image to your blog article in just three clicks. 

Any novice WordPress consumer can use the plugin easily because you don’t have to make any configuration for the plugin; you just have to download it and get going. Although there is a range of options open to experienced clients, and you can monitor the plugin depending on your level of experience. 

  1. Free Stock Photo Foter 

Another one of the most amazing image finders This plugin will help you discover high-quality free pictures from more than 180 million images. It allows you to do a photo search, organize and insert creative photos to your blog articles in a very straightforward manner. This plugin lets you customize the images before you place them into your article and resize them to accommodate your article. It will also instantly add the required citation to the pictures where necessary, so you don’t need to add it individually. 

  1. Pixabay Image  

This useful plugin allows you to access the PIXABAY Creative Commons images without the need for picture citation. You can browse for images from the WordPress text edit menu, in which you can click the PIXABAY icon. It opens the image search window where you can insert the keyword for the picture you require. The outcome can be filtered by photo form and orientation. 

  1. Photo Dropper 

This plugin is one of the most amazing reverse image search plugins. Photo Dropper uses Flickr to browse for pictures with a Creative Commons license, a tool that allows you to use the photo for free on your website. After you download the plugin, you’ll see a balloon symbol on your WordPress post edit menu. Then you can choose what you want and select “Insert to post.” It will instantly save and insert the picture to your media library, and you can either attach it to your article or set it as a profile picture. 

You’re probably aware of the significance of images for your blog entries right now. It’s important to choose the correct ones to make your blog article more attractive to the viewer. That being said, you wouldn’t want to spend a lot of time searching for images. These plugins will save you time and assist you to find the best pictures on the Internet that it has to offer. 

Written by Helen Gonzales

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  1. Great article tomte, with very helpful information. We have used Pexals for years. We will defiantly try Pixabay & Free Stock Photo Finder as per your recommendations. Thanks,

  2. Images definitely help blogs improve in terms of readership, SEO, as well as other aspects. These are some good tools that should help the search for relevant images become easier.

  3. Quality is of great importance for your site. You can’t just take the first image that comes along, it must match your resolution, so that you don’t just get a blurry image on the site. In general, now using resources like this https://imageupscaler.com/ , it is very easy to adjust the image to the parameters you need

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