Content is the most important thing on the internet. People consume tons of textual, audio, and video content every day, which is a reason why many businesses that want to approach their target audiences create relevant content that helps them establish credibility and build relationships. Marketers say that content is the king for a good reason: content marketing generates three times as many leads as traditional marketing techniques, and it also costs 62% less. 

At the same time, content marketing isn’t easy: as much as 44% of marketers say that content production is their main challenge. It’s important to be able to create content that will resonate with your audience, choosing not only the right topics but also the right tone and structure. It’s also important to know the difference between regular website content and SEO content. If you want your marketing content to be effective, you should make sure that your target audience will discover and read it. Therefore, you need to optimize your content for search engines.

SEO content writers create content that is not only informative and engaging but also optimized for Google and other search engines. A distinctive feature of SEO-optimized content is keywords. However, SEO is not only about using relevant keywords but also about choosing the right headers, links, and structuring the content to make it more attractive for search engines.

The Key Differences
SEO content writing is quite different from creating regular content because the final result should serve an additional purpose. SEO content should be useful and informative, just like any other type of content, and it should also improve your rankings. This goal can be achieved in different ways, and one of the necessary steps is to keyword-optimize the content because keywords are still an important factor that impacts websites’ positions in search results.

First, you should choose relevant keywords. Secondly, you should also pay attention to keyword density. Search engines are based on complex algorithms, and you should keep in mind many factors when creating SEO content. In contrast, standard content shouldn’t meet any specific requirements to fulfill its purpose. Therefore, when creating regular content, you have a little more freedom. You can create more diverse content, with no need to think about its SEO qualities.

Here are a few differences between regular and SEO content that are easy to notice:

  • SEO content often has a complex structure, and it should meet specific requirements to perform well on search engines.
  • Regular content is often more diverse than SEO content, which mostly focuses on sales and which serves marketing purposes. The most common type of SEO writing is SEO copywriting.
  • Regular content may not necessarily need keyword optimization, but SEO content is always keyword-optimized to ensure better visibility for search engines.

SEO Content Writing vs. Other Types of Writing

  • Technical writing
    Perhaps, the closest form of writing to SEO writing is technical writing because it’s associated with following specific rules and structuring the text in a way that will help the content perform specific functions. However, technical writing is more formal, and there’s no place for personal opinion. SEO content may be formal or informal, and it can also be subjective.
  • Ebook writing
    When writing ebooks and books, search engine optimization usually isn’t a subject of concern. Besides, this type of writing gives a writer a lot more freedom. There are no length or style limitations. When writing ebooks, you can choose any voice you want and express as many opinions as you need, creating any structure necessary. Therefore, ebook writing is somewhat opposite to SEO writing.
  • Copywriting
    Although copywriting often involves search engine optimization, performance in search results isn’t the main focus of a copywriter. Copywriting is all about creating ad copy, sales pitches, website copy, and landing pages. Sometimes, the success of such a copy depends on SEO, but the importance of SEO drops when dealing with paid traffic.
  • Academic writing
    Academic writing is completely different from many other types of writing but it has something in common with SEO writing because, in both cases, you should follow the rules created by someone else. For example, academic writing requires you to be familiar with different citation formats. However, SEO writing is less formal, and it also gives you more freedom when it comes to structuring the content and expressing opinions.

Continuous Learning

Although non-SEO content might be more diverse, SEO content can be much more difficult to produce. When creating SEO content, a writer should do some research choosing the right format and keywords, and adjust the content accordingly. Therefore, there’s no surprise that businesses of any kind are always looking for experienced SEO writers. 

You don’t need to know anything about search engines to qualify for some writing jobs. For example, if you want to work for top essay writing services, you only need to have strong writing skills and in-depth knowledge of your discipline. If you’re going to be an SEO content writer, you should also always stay up to date about any search algorithm updates. Google updates its search algorithm all the time. You can check out the history of updates, and you will see that Google makes changes to its algorithm quite frequently. As a result, some approaches that used to be effective not so long ago can no longer be used successfully.

Given that the main purpose of SEO content is to achieve better performance on Google, an SEO writer should follow Google’s recommendations and rules. When Google changes its algorithm, it might mean that you should not only approach new content differently but also make changes to the existing content so that its performance won’t decline. Besides, SEO writers should constantly experiment with different SEO tactics so that they can find the best approach for a particular niche and website

Wrapping Up
SEO content writing is different from writing regular content which success doesn’t depend on search engine performance. SEO writers put a lot of effort into keyword optimization and formatting, making sure that their content will look attractive to search engines. They also need to monitor all the updates of search algorithms to adjust their optimization tactics, making sure that their content performs well consistently.

About the author: This article was written by Ana Mayer, a project manager with 3+ years of experience. While projects can do without her participation (which means almost never), she likes to read and create expert academic materials for the essay writing service reviews

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