There are a lot of things that search engines look at when ranking your website. For the uninitiated, SEO, short for search engine optimization, is the process of optimizing a website by following the standards set by search engines. The more optimized a website is, the higher up it will show up in search results and hence, successfully attract more web traffic. 

Some of the things that search engines look at when ranking a website are; quality of content, keyword density, on-site speed, loading time, receptive web design, and the overall theme of the website. A website aiming to earn the top spot must pay attention to all these aspects. 

One important thing to remember here is that stellar performance in one category cannot make up for a bad performance in some other category. Each aspect requires work and attention. When it comes to website themes, there are literally thousands of them out there and you can even avail quite a few of them for free. 

Choosing a WordPress theme for your website is not such an easy task though, you must first consider whether it’s suitable for your website or not and that requires thorough planning and strategizing. So, to help our readers find amazing WordPress themes, we’ve decided to name some of our favorites. Read on to learn how each one is extraordinary in its own right.


Astra is one of those WordPress themes that try to do it all and, the extraordinary thing about it is that it does succeed in almost all aspects. What makes this theme attractive to beginners and especially those people who want to avoid all sorts of coding is that Astra offers quite a few built-in templates. From online shopping website to magazine site, the templates cover quite a lot of niches. 

Another cool thing about Astra is that it allows users to use the WordPress theme editor to edit their Astra theme. This allows the users to see a live preview of the changes that they make.


When it comes to theme customization, very few WordPress themes offer the kind of freedom that Ultra offers. This theme offers load of pre-built SEO-friendly layouts. All the user needs to do is go through the list and choose the one that they like. Selecting and installing a template is as simple as just clicking on it. 

Once a template has been installed, the users can proceed to replace all the dummy content with their own site content. From blog posts to sidebars, Ultra offers the freedom to easily modify the look and feel of every element through a simple point and click interface. Users can also install add-ons for Ultra to further increase their site customization options.


In the world of sales and marketing related websites, Divi is considered a masterpiece. No other theme offers the kind of range and templates that Divi does when it comes to things like ecommerce and online marketing. 

Our favorite thing about Divi is that it comes with the Divi Builder tool integrated into it. If you know anything about building web pages without having to write any code, you’d know just how amazing and popular Divi Builder is. With this tool, users have the complete freedom to edit any Divi layout or, make their own page layout from scratch.


This is a theme that was built with SEO as its main priority. This is why it is really common to see SEO experts and agencies go with Corporate as their first choice because they know it guarantees fast results. 

Focusing mainly on business sites, Corporate comes with features like built-in landing page designs and easy edit tools. The theme comes with an easy to use control panel so that even the beginners can use it without any trouble. Moreover, the theme also offers features like page templates, CSS animations and one-click demo installations.

SEO Crawler

This is another entry on this list that has SEO as its main priority. For SEO Crawler, everything comes after SEO-friendliness. Following the latest trends and standards introduced by search engines is what SEO Crawler is focused on the most. 

SEO Crawler comes with three full-fledged website demos that can be installed in just a few clicks. Once the user settles on a theme, they can use the GoodLayers page builder to customize the layout according to their preferences. 


OceanWP is one of those WordPress themes that can be customized to suit almost any kind of business. From marketing and sales to news and entertainment, OceanWP can do it all. The theme offers paid as well as free site demos and users can install the one they like in just a few clicks.

Apart from SEO, OceanWP is also focused on providing a great user experience and, this is why it’s so popular among SEO experts and website developers. Another cool feature offered by this website is that it’s translation ready, meaning users can easily setup a multilingual version of their website with this theme.

Hestia Pro

In the world of WordPress themes, Hestia Pro is a classic that keeps on adding new stuff. Hestia Pro offers quite a lot of built-in templates that the users can choose from. From one-page temples to multi-page temples, there are a lot options to select from.

The theme fully supports WooCommerce which makes it really easy to install and use on an ecommerce website. The theme also has a responsive web design which means it can adapt to the screen size. This ensures your website looks great on all kinds of devices.


The ocean of WordPress themes is quite vast and it can get really confusing for beginners to find a suitable theme for their website. Well, now you know which themes are the best in the market right now and now you’re much better equipped to make an informed decision.

About the author: Shoaib has been working as a blogger and writer for nearly a decade now. He began his writing career back when he was just a student, helping blogs and small businesses generate and post content on their websites at that time. Over the past few years, Shoaib has worked with a wide range of clients and experienced writing in all sorts of styles and trends.

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