When you search for some information on Google, you get results on the first page and these are not there just by any chance. Marketers use the best SEO tactics to give you appropriate results on the search engine results pages (SERPs). The good news is that you can optimize your business website as well as your Instagram page. 

With organic SEO, people can find your content on Instagram if they are searching for some information on Google. 

According to an article published on Blog.hootsuite.com, there are several ways to get Instagram followers. Implementing a considerate IG strategy, knowing your audience, building a consistent brand image, ensuring aesthetics, using relevant Instagram hashtags, and creating an outstanding bio are a few ways to attract more followers easily. Read on to learn more. 

1. Improve your Instagram name and username 

Did you know that your IG name is searchable on this photo-sharing platform as well? Every word used in your name serves as an essential keyword (KW). Your IG name appears in bold letters in the bio section. People, who write web designer, design, and web design in the name, appear in the search results. 

Always use the essential and relevant keywords (KWs) pertinent to your brand or business in your IG name. You need to write copy that your followers or targeted audience will search to find your business. 

The same rule holds when it comes to your Instagram username. If you have the KWs logo and logo design, they will show up in the search results. Your user name will appear as @designer.

Always include your industry, skills, specialty, and geographic location in the username. Focus on what visitors would type on IG if they would like to find your account. 

Even if you cannot or do not like to change the username, you are free to do so. If you would like to improve branding around your name, that is cool. Your IG username could be your business name too. 

2. Use Alt Text for Instagram images 

Write Alt Text for all your Instagram images to bring your visuals to life outside this social media app. Alt Text is a great SEO tactic for websites and Instagram as well. When you use Alt Text, your IG photos will gain traction outside social media as well as show up in the SERPs. Let us explain this point with the help of a suitable example. For instance, if a visitor is looking for a Christmas tree image, and you published a similar photo with Alt text, the result will show up on Google. 

Alt Text helps the IG algorithm work for your benefit and not against your SEO interests. When you use Alt Text, visually impaired people can understand your images. Use Alt Text to stay ahead of your competitors. Your goal is to garner likes or at least buy 50 likes Instagram, so optimize your images for more online visibility. 

3. Tag the important accounts on your IG images 

Take some time out to look for key IG profiles in your niche industry and tag these people on your pictures. It is a way to get noticed on their profiles. Did you know that you can tag at least 20 accounts on an image? Then, do not overdo it, tag people on your posts that you feel they would like. You can even tag accounts that you would like to be featured. You aim to drive traffic to your IG page. Therefore, try simple things and avoid spamming. 

You need to find some time to research accounts that specialize in featuring individuals in particular industries. For instance, you will find IG pages that focus on women fashion enthusiasts. 

All you need to do is enter the KWs in the search bar to look for accounts. Take your time to find the right accounts instead of rushing into the process. 

Do not lose hope if these accounts refuse to feature you directly. It may take some time for people before they start noticing you. They may also save your posts and decide to re-share shortly. Therefore, keep tagging without feeling frustrated. 

4. Interact with IG users outside your feed

Try to spend a couple of minutes liking, sharing, and commenting on others’ posts as well for a change. In other words, interact and engage with users outside your Instagram feed. When it comes to social media success, interactions will improve your visibility to a considerable extent. The content displayed in your IG feed is based on what content or posts you interacted with the most on this photo-sharing social media app. If you would like to garner more likes and grow your IG account, interaction is the word. 


Now that you have these tips handy, implement them in your social media strategy to increase your followers, and ensure growth using organic SEO. It will take some time but will generate results.

21 thoughts on “4 Best Ways to Boost Your Instagram Followers and Growth Using Organic SEO

  1. Alternate text is a cool tool. It really allows your content to get off-site in some cases.
    Thanks, everyone should stick to these tips!

  2. Optimizing images goes a long way in improving one’s SEO on Instagram. The platform makes it easy to do so; why not take advantage of what the platform provides?

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  6. Stay true to your goals.
    Know who you’re posting for.
    Build your brand image.
    Create a great profile and an awesome bio!
    Be creative with your content.
    Promote your Instagram account.
    Link to your Instagram profile wherever you can.
    Use your Instagram nametag!

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