Top best pieces of advice for writers from Steven King

Born on 21 September 1947, Steven King is one of the most prolific writers the world has ever known. He has written a colossal 54 novels with more than 350 million copies sold out. Many of his works were adapted into movies, comic books, television shows, miniseries, video games, etc., over the years. So, there is no surprise about people seeking out his writing advice as well. 

As a writer, he had a very unique and impressive ability to make his readers feel all the different emotions they could on the spectrum. From joy, love, terror, rage, sorrow, disappointment, name it. When someone of his nature and stature says a word about writing, even the ‘best’ authors sit up and listen. 

As a writer, you would also love to be able to make your readers smile, laugh, or shed tears from reading your book. You want to make sure that you grip their attention such that nothing else matters to them. This is an art that Steven King mastered on his own. The more reason why his advice is gold nuggets that you can’t ignore. 

While King is a very talented writer, he got to where he is today by shedding tears, blood, and sweat, but he is generous enough to write a book for writers ‘On Writing.’ This is a must-read book for all writers, whether established or aspiring. He never shies away from rendering any help in the best way that he can. He’s had different appearances and interviews over the years, too, where he gives tips upon tips for writers. 

You have probably gotten one rejection letter or the other as a writer. Well, Steve had a truckload of those as well. In his words, by the time he was 14, the nail in his wall couldn’t hold the weight of the rejection letters he put on it. He had to replace it with a spike and continued his writing regardless. 

As a writer, you should pay attention to some of the advice from Steven King’s best essays and interviews. 

Write Sober
Getting drunk or high so you can write well is a bad trait for a writer. It only gets you addicted to the act, and that can mess you up in many ways. You write best when you are sober and calm and won’t have to add unnecessary details to the writing under alcohol or drugs’ influence. 

Avoid Distraction
When you write, you should stay away from all kinds of distractions. When you are ready to write and are in the mode, distractions are the last thing you need. You will only get stuck in a link loop, when in fact, you should be writing. 

Listen to Critics
The worst kind of advice that a writer can get is to ignore the critics or not pay attention to them. Whether you like it or not, critics have very good advice that can help you get better at writing and can guide you when you are writing that paragraph or pitch. It would help if you listened to them because they are pointing out something that is broken to you, and you need to fix that up. You don’t need to get defensive about it. You can break a bad writing habit by listening to your critics. 

Take 3 Months to Write the First Draft
It would be best not to spend excessive time writing the first draft of your story. Be it a short story or a long novel. The highest amount of time you should spend on your first draft is three months. It would help if you had all the basics of what you are writing from there. 

Stay Away From Adverbs While Writing
If you are a big fan of Steven King, you should already know that he doesn’t use adverbs. He has said this severally as well in many of his quotes. He thinks they are inappropriate. According to him, the adverb isn’t the friend of a writer. For instance, the sentence, “He ran away very quickly,” is not in any way bad, but as a writer, ask yourself if it was really necessary to add “very quickly” in the sentence. 

Don’t Forget Why You Write.
Why are you writing? There are many reasons you can take up writing, but it’s only with the right reasons that you can simplify the whole process and make it easy for you. Everyone has a reason why they write. 

Writing should not be about fame or money or making friends, getting laid, etc. It is about enriching other people’s lives with your words and ability, and also enriching your life. It’s about being happy and making people happy. 

Don’t Get Obsessed With Genres.
Too many writers pay too much attention to writing within a particular genre. You can and should do more. Many times, genres are restrictive, and there is no need to be stuck writing in one way when you can be dynamic in your writing.

About the author: Susanna Balashova is a creative magician in a world of (mostly) boring Marketing. She turns dreary work things to be exciting and effective with her essay writer service, and likes creating her world within some fanfic sketches. Reach out to her on Twitter or Linkedin.