How to Boost your Conversion Rates With Video

Do you know that the average conversion rate a business can achieve with video is as high as 4.8%? This is in comparison to the 2.9% conversion rate they might achieve without videos. Another interesting stat to note is that a page with videos on its landing page is 53% more likely to show up on a search engine’s result page. Even email marketing with video incorporations has as much as 96% clickthrough rate compared to others. 

It is no surprise then that many businesses are incorporating videos into their marketing to boost conversion. 

However, it isn’t as easy as just adding videos into your marketing. You have to know how to use them to your advantage. 

With this article, you will learn the different ways you can incorporate videos on your website and your overall marketing to boost your conversion rate. 

1) Use short and entertaining videos to capture your audience
Viewers lose interest in such a short time that you have to grab it within the first few seconds as a business. This might mean nothing to you, but if your business is creating long videos, it might be time to cut it short. 

Video length matters, don’t let anyone tell you differently. The shorter the video, the better. 

While we implore you to make your videos short, you still need to put in as much information as you think is useful to your audience into your short video. 

You should also ensure your message is clear and concise, and entertaining to keep your audience’s attention long enough to convert them. 

One pro tip is to put your most important information at the beginning of your video. This way, if people leave after a while, they won’t miss out on the information. 

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2) Add your marketing videos to your product pages
Another way to use videos to increase your conversion rate is to add promotional videos on your product page. 

We have seen many websites making use of this technique. But there are still several websites still making use of some redundant CTA and stationary pictures. Some don’t know how many opportunities your product website could offer to showcase your product’s best features. 

All that said find what works best for your business. Carry out an A/B test on your product page to see if you get a higher conversion with static pictures or different video formats, e.g., animated gifs. Chances are the later will give you higher conversion.

3) Record webinars and video demonstrations
Another way to increase your video conversion rate is to create webinars for your prospective customers. 

The beauty of webinars is that they work across the whole consumers’ journey. So, you can create webinars discussing your product, demonstrating how your product works, etc. 

Webinars have such high conversion rates that even 73% of marketers swear by webinars for generating quality leads. 

Other interesting facts about the benefits of using webinars in your video marketing are;

  • They can provide a ton of information to your audience. With this information, your audience can decide if your product is right for them. 
  • The information gotten from webinars can also help your business identify who the interested customers are and the customers who are just a smokescreen. 
  • With the information you get from your webinar, you can guide your customers through their journey and to the point of purchase. 
  • Your sales team can use the leads and engagement data collected from the webinars to create customized outreach plans for prospective clients. 

A quick tip for using webinars in your video marketing is to make sure you record it and reuse the material when needed. 

4) Send personalized videos to client prospects. 
You can also boost your conversion rate by creating and sending personalized videos to your prospective clients. You can send it to them via email or social media, depending on what platforms your prospects frequent the most.

By sending personalized video marketing content to your prospective audience, you;

  • Humanize your brand, creating a human sales experience for your prospects. 
  • Give off the impression that you don’t just care about making sales, but you care about your target’s wellbeing. 
  • Create an avenue for your prospects to reach out to you to discuss your product/service offerings. 

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5) Automate video marketing with video viewership data
Finally, to increase your video conversion rates, you can use your video viewership data to work with your marketing automation. 

Here is how this works. Your video viewership data will give you some useful insight on;

  • The number of people who watched your videos. 
  • The average length of your video viewers watched. 
  • The viewers who watched 75%, 100%, and even 20% of your video. 

All this data in your video conversion rate you can then put to use in your marketing automation by;

  • Nudging users who haven’t finished watching your videos to resume watching. 
  • Sending a specific market segment based on video segmentation (segmenting based on people who have watched your video fully, halfway, and just the first few seconds.)

To get this video data, you should try using video platforms that help you integrate your data into your marketing automation system. 

In conclusion
We have shared just a few ways to boost your video conversion rates. There is so much more out there for you to explore. However, use the information here to start on your journey towards video conversion.

Your first video doesn’t have to be anything major. It can be a customer testimonial video, a screen recording of how to use your product or service, etc. The sky is your limit when you can be creative.