Food Express Documentation

Greetings! Bellow you will find complete documentation for Food Express.

Preparing Wordpress - Top

If you already have WordPress installed on your server just skip to the "Install all the Free recommended plugins" section. If you haven't yet installed WordPress on your server, here you will find a complete guide on this topic. Just follow the steps and you will be ready in no time with a WordPress website.

Installation and Theme Activation - Top

Each WordPress Theme can be installed in two ways: via ftp client or through the admin panel:

Installing Theme via WordPress Admin Panel (recommended):
  1. open the wp-admin panel (navigate through web browser to the folder where you have installed the WordPress e.g,
  2. login to your wp-admin panel, then from the main menu sidebar, choose 'Appearance -> Themes',
  3. at the top click 'Install Themes' tab,
  4. Type Food Express into the "search themes" box in the top right.
  5. Once you see the Food Express theme hover over the image and you will see a blue "Install theme" click this to install the theme to your website.
  6. Once its completed installing the same button will change to read "activate" click it now and the theme will be activate on your website.
  7. from this point on you should be able to follow the documentation.
Installing WordPress Theme via FTP client:
  1. unzip the ''
  2. connect to your server,
  3. navigate to the folder where your WordPress is installed,
  4. drill down to /wp-content/themes/,
  5. upload the 'Food Express' unzipped folder into the 'themes' directory (the path will look like this: wp-content/themes/foodexpress),
  6. On your web browser navigate to your wordpress installed website admin section e.g
  7. login to your wp-admin panel, then from the main menu sidebar, choose 'Appearance -> Themes',
  8. find the 'Food Express' theme and click the 'Activate' button next to it.
  9. You have now installed and activated Food Express theme!

Some features are Pro only

We offer a pro extension plugin that contains further theme options, woocommerce support, more frequent updates than the free theme, demo content and a configuration file.

This Food Express Pro plugin comes at a small cost but with the added benefit of premium, fast and in-depth support.

Install all the Free recommended plugins.

We suggest you install and activate the following plugins to take advantage of great features to promote your business.

Please consult the plugins own documentation on how to use them.

Setting up the homepage like the demo

  1. Add a new page called "Homepage"
  2. Set this new page as the static Front page.
    • Click on Settings > Reading
    • Select the option of Static Page,
    • select "Homepage" to be the Front Page, while another page to be your blogpage.
    • Save changes

Show Excerpt edit panel

Some sections on the homepage are populated with page content so you will be required to create these pages in advance. Each of these pages will need a snappy title, featured image and Excerpt. Excerpt panel is turned off by default. Follow instructions below to activate the edit box.

  1. Create a new page or open an existing one.
  2. Near the top right, you’ll see a tab labeled, “Screen Options.” Click this tab. screenshot of excerpt section
  3. The tab will scroll down and reveal a series of check boxes. From here, you can click the box for the excerpt. screenshot of excerpt section
  4. This will add a new window at the bottom of your WordPress editor. Scroll all the way down until you see the text field available under, “Excerpt.” screenshot of excerpt section

Configure each homepage section

Navigate to the homepage settings in the customizer options.Click on Appearance -> Customize -> Homepage Settings

All homepage sections are controlled by the Homepage Control plugin (except the hero). This plugin configures the order in which each section is displayed and whether its displayed or not.

Once the plugin is activated you will find the options here: Appearance -> Customize -> Homepage Control.
screenshot of homepage control


The Sections
  1. Update the Hero settings
    1. Click on Hero Settings
    2. Pick a page that you created that has a nice featured image, snappy title and excerpt.
    3. Upload a foreground image - this could be a bigger logo or a flash sale image.
    4. There is also a couple of options for buttons. Each button will link to the page you pick. hero settings screenshot
  2. Update the Content Block 1 & 2
    1. Create a new page to be used for its featured image, snappy title and excerpt.
    2. Navigate to Appearance -> Customize -> Homepage Settings -> Content Block
    3. Choose the new page from the first option
    4. you should see a featured image on one side and the title and excerpt on the other.
    5. There is also a couple of options for buttons and a sub-title. Each button will link to the page you pick. Content Block Screenshot
  3. Update the Call to action section
    1. The call to action section is very similar to the Content Blocks mentioned above. The difference is its display.
    2. Create a new page to be used for its featured image, snappy title and excerpt.
    3. Navigate to Appearance -> Customize -> Homepage Settings -> Call to Action
    4. Choose the new page for the first option
    5. you can change the button label and change the alignment of the text. Call to action screenshot
  4. Update the Food Menu section
    1. This section requires you to install and activate the Food and Drink Menu plugin.
    2. To add menus and menu items consult the plugin documentation.
    3. Once you've added a menu with items, navigate to Appearance -> Customize -> Homepage Settings -> Food Menu Section
    4. Give your section a title, sub-title and tagline. Each is optional
    5. Next add your menu shortcode so your menu items show up.
    6. You can also link off to a full menu if you want to use this section as smaller taster of the menu. Food Menu section screenshot

More documentation to follow soon

Get in touch if you need ask anything about this theme.