Savile Row Documentation

Greetings! Bellow you will find complete documentation for Savile Row.

General Information - Top

First of all, we want to say thank you! We're very grateful that you have chosen this theme for your website. We'll do everything we can to provide you with the best support possible. Feel free ask us if you need more help.

Video Library - Top

We have provided a collection of short video screencasts to illustrate some of the most common tasks.

Savile Row Playlist on Youtube

  1. Install Theme & Activate licence
  2. Install Suggested plugins
  3. Setup Custom Homepage
  4. Setup Custom menus
  5. Import WooCommerce Dummy Data
  6. Add WooCommerce pages
  7. Customize Header

Activate Automatic Upgrades - Top

Pro Version Only

We have included automatic upgrades for this theme but before you can take advantage of this one-click upgrade facility you must first activate your licence.

  1. Select and activate Savile Row Pro from the themes screen.
  2. Navigate to Appearance -> Theme Licence
  3. Paste in your licence key in the the field provided and Save changes
  4. Click Activate Licence Button
  5. Once activated you should see the licence details
  6. Congratulations, your theme licence is now activated and you will recieve notices of any theme updates in the WordPress Admin panel.

Install Theme & Activate licence

FAQ - Top

Below are some of our more common support questions.

Is there a way I can add my own CSS touches?
Definitely! We have included a "Custom CSS" textarea admin page. You can find this page here: "Appearance/Custom CSS". Add styles here to override any of the default styles. Pro Version Only
Can I use this theme on more than one site?
Sure, fill your boots! Once purchased Savile Row can be used on as many sites as you require.

Getting Started - Top

In this section we will go over the process of setting up WordPress environment, next I will show you how to install and activate your brand new theme. Finally you will learn how to setup all of the key features of Savile Row theme.

Preparing Wordpress - Top

If you already have WordPress installed on your server just skip to the next section. If you haven't yet installed WordPress on your server, here you will find a complete guide on this topic. Just follow the steps and you will be ready in no time with a WordPress website.

Installation and Theme Activation - Top

Each WordPress Theme can be installed in two ways: via ftp client or through the admin panel:

Installing Theme via WordPress Admin Panel (recommended):
  1. open the wp-admin panel (navigate through web browser to the folder where you have installed the WordPress e.g,
  2. login to your wp-admin panel, then from the main menu sidebar, choose 'Appearance -> Themes',
  3. at the top click 'Install Themes' tab,
  4. under the header click the 'Upload' link,
  5. you will be redirected to upload form, click the 'choose file' button and navigate to and select the file you downloaded from us then click 'open',
  6. once the theme is done uploading it will automatically install,
  7. after the installation you will be able to activate the theme to do this click the "blue" activation link.
Installing WordPress Theme via FTP client:
  1. unzip the ''
  2. connect to your server,
  3. navigate to the folder where your WordPress is installed,
  4. drill down to /wp-content/themes/,
  5. upload the 'Savile Row Pro' unzipped folder into the 'themes' directory (the path will look like this: wp-content/themes/savilerowpro),
  6. On your web browser navigate to your wordpress installed website admin section e.g
  7. login to your wp-admin panel, then from the main menu sidebar, choose 'Appearance -> Themes',
  8. find the 'Savile Row Pro' theme and click the 'Activate' button next to it.
  9. You have now installed and activated Savile Row Pro theme!

Install Theme & Activate licence

Savile Row has support for three navigation elements: Primary, Secondary and Footer. The Primary navigation is the most obvious and should be used for your most popular pages. The Secondary navigation is usually placed at the very top of the website and is slightly smaller and less obvious, and is therefore better placed for less popular pages. The third navigation element, the Footer, is placed at the very bottom of the website and is commonly used for admin links, Terms & Conditions or other lower profile pages.

Setup Custom menus

Setup your Primary Navigation
  1. Navigate to Appearance/Menus
  2. Click the “create a new menu” link
  3. Add a menu name that makes sense
  4. Click the “Create Menu” button
  5. Click the “Manage Locations” tab
  6. Select your newly created menu in the dropdown that makes most sense.
  7. Click “Save Changes”
Add some pages to your new menu
  1. Click the “Edit Menus” tab
    edit menus
  2. Click some of the checkboxes you want to add to your menu from the panels listed “Pages, Links, Categories, etc…”
    menu structure
  3. Click the “Add to Menu” button and you should start to see your menu options appear in the Menu Structure.
  4. You can click, hold and drag any menu item into the position you want.
Make sure you can see your WooCommerce menu options
  1. Ensure WooCommerce is installed and activated
  2. Navigate to Appearance/Menus
  3. Click the Screen Options tab that’s near the top of the page.
  4. From the expanded panel mark the Product Categories, Product Tags, Products, etc… checkboxes.
    screen options

Things to note:

The Secondary and Footer menu options were designed to work as a flat one level menu structure. If you decide to add some sub navigation elements to these menus it may break the design.

If your looking to achieve a visual effect on the menu with icons next to the menu name use follow the instructions below.

  1. Visit Font-Awesome and navigate to the icon your interested in and open its detail page.
  2. Copy the snippet of code that looks like the screenshot below.
  3. font-awesome screenshot
  4. Go to your Menu admin and expand the menu element your interest in and paste the snippet before the link title.
  5. Menu Icon Paste screenshot

Setup Savile Row like the demo - Top

Pro Version Only

If you want to setup your theme to look like the Savile Row demo from TemplateExpress please follow this guide, it should take up to 5 minutes.

  1. In your sites Admin section, navigate to 'Tools -> Import' and select Wordpress from the list of links.
  2. You may have to install the Wordpress Importer if you've not used this function before. If so click the Blue 'Install Now' button and follow the instructions
  3. Once you have the Wordpress Importer working you will see an upload tool. We have included an xml file inside the file.
  4. upload this file: savilerowpro/demo_content/savilerowpro.wordpress.xml from the unzipped file.
  5. Answer following questions as required. Be sure to check the Import Attachments checkbox to ensure you see the demo images.

Need help setting up your WordPress Website?

We can get everything set up for you with our full-service install package. More info...

Import WooCommerce Dummy Data

Add WooCommerce pages

Customizing Sidebar & Footer with widgets - Top

After installing the theme, your sidebars will be empty or have default widgets. These can be populated using the following steps:

  1. From main Admin Dashboard go to Appearance -> Widgets.
  2. You can drag and drop widgets into the relevent Widget containers.
  3. You can change position of each widget by clicking and holding on the widget title then drag it into position.

Recommended Image Sizes - Top

Here we suggest image dimensions to make your experience with Savile Row great!

Below are sizes taken from demo site and are just recommendations; there is some flexibility with sizes.

Some Site Settings - Top

Change Site Title & Tagline

  1. Navigate to Appearance -> Customize
  2. Select "Site Settings"
  3. Select "Site Identity"
  4. Change the text for Site Title or Tagline or even hide the both
  5. Press "Save and Publish"

Upload Logo

Savile Row gives you the ability to upload custom logo.

  1. Navigate to Appearance -> Customize
  2. Select "Site Settings"
  3. Expand "Site Logo" section
  4. Upload your logo (consult reccomended sizes)
  5. Press "Save and Publish"

Custom Header Image

Savile Row gives you the ability to upload a header image that will display throughout the site.

  1. Navigate to Appearance -> Customize
  2. Select "Site Settings"
  3. Expand "Header Image"
  4. click "Add New Image" and upload an image (consult reccomended sizes)
  5. Press "Save and Publish"

Add Social Media account links to header

More Options in Pro Version

We have loads of social media accounts you can add to the header as small icon links.

  1. Navigate to Appearance -> Customize
  2. Expand "Social Media Settings"
  3. Add the full url into the desired social media account. e.g.
  4. Press "Save and Publish"

Setting up the homepage - Top

With Savile Row you have a few options for the homepage of your website. You can stick with the traditional Blog layout which requires no setup; you can have a more custom homepage by using the “Custom Homepage” template, or if you prefer a shop front homepage then we suggest you take advantage of the “WooCommerce Homepage” template

Setup Custom Homepage

Setting up the “Custom Homepage” template

Create a new page
  • Navigate to Pages/Add New
  • Give your page a title
  • Set the page template to “Custom Homepage”
  • Save or Publish
  • Change the Homepage location
  • Navigate to Settings/Reading
  • Check the static page option and select your new page from the “Front page” dropdown.
  • Save Changes
  • Customize your new homepage
  • Navigate to Appearance/Customize
  • Expand the Homepage Settings Section
  • The panels you see will help you customize your homepage.
  • Control which sections you want to display on your new homepage with the “Hide & Show Sections” panel.
  • Things to note:

    Setting up the “WooCommerce Homepage” Template

    The WooCommerce Homepage Template assumes you have two plugins installed and activated: WooCommerce and Homepage Control, each of these plugins can be downloaded from the WordPress plugin Directory.

    Create a new page
    1. Navigate to Pages/Add New
    2. Give your page a title
    3. Set the page template to “WooCommerce Homepage”
    4. Save or Publish
    Change the Homepage location
    1. Navigate to Settings/Reading
    2. Check the static page option and select your new page from the “Front page” dropdown.
    3. Save Changes
    Customize your new homepage
    1. Navigate to Appearance/Customize
    2. Expand the Homepage Control Section
    3. You will see a list of homepage elements with checkboxes next to their name
      • You can drag and drop each of these elements to change the order they appear on the homepage.
      • You can check or uncheck each element to show or hide them from the homepage.

    Things to note:

    The non WooCommerce elements you select to be displayed on the homepage will need to be setup from the “Homepage Settings” panel within the customizer options.

    Once again, thank you so much for purchasing this theme. As we said at the beginning, we are glad to help you if you have any questions relating this theme. No guarantees, but we'll do our best to assist. If you have any suggestions on how to improve our themes or documentation please share them!

    Note: we will be improving and adding to the premium version more often than the free version.

    Template Express